X-12 Flame Retardant

Made in the USA, Spartan X-12 offers versatile and effective flame retardancy for a wide variety of materials. Available as either a ready-to-use liquid or a concentrated powder to be mixed with water, the non-toxic formulation is easy to apply and dries clear. Certified to a wide variety of industry-leading standards, Spartan X-12 is the best option for non-toxic flame retardancy in home or business applications!

Spartan X-12: Your Ultimate Safety Solution

X-12 carries an extensive line of certifications to meet CalFire (Registration #C-06900), New York City Board of Standards and Appeals Calendar #539-53-SM, ASTM E-84, TAPPI T-461, MVSS-302, DOC FF2-70, NFPA 701 & 702, and VA & GSA Approvals.

Apply to fabrics, textiles, upholstery, flooring, wood, paper, and more to immediately add fire protection and peace of mind. X-12 is compatible with any porous material and is intended for indoor use only. Flame retardancy can be reestablished after exposure to moisture simply by re-applying as necessary.

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