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Spartan X-12 - 32 oz Spray Bottle

Spartan X-12 - 32 oz Spray Bottle

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Spartan X-12 Flame Retardant: Your ultimate safety solution!

Protect what matters most with X-12, the cutting-edge liquid flame retardant engineered to keep you safe and secure. Registered by CalFire (#C-06900) and tested to ensure the highest standards of flame protection, our advanced formula creates a powerful barrier against fire hazards, providing unparalleled peace of mind in any environment.

Why Choose Spartan X-12?

Superior Protection: With Spartan X-12, you're investing in top-tier fire protection technology. Our liquid formula shields you from flames, preventing ignition and slowing down the spread of fire.

Versatile Application: Whether you're safeguarding a residential home, commercial property, or industrial facility, Spartan X-12 can be applied to wood, drapes, curtains, wall coverings, displays, fabrics, and many other natural or synthetic absorbent materials. Simply apply and let our solution work its magic.

Cost-Effective Solution: Don't compromise on safety due to budget constraints. Spartan X-12 offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional fireproofing methods, saving you money without sacrificing quality.

Peace of Mind: Trust Spartan X-12 to keep your loved ones, employees, and assets safe from the unexpected. With our proven track record of reliability, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

Don't wait until it's too late. Experience the peace of mind of Spartan X-12 today!

Take proactive steps to protect your property and loved ones with Spartan X-12. Contact us now to learn more about our revolutionary liquid flame retardant and start safeguarding what matters most.

Liquid formula available in the following sizes:

  • 32 oz Spray bottle
  • 1-Gallon jug
  • 5-Gallon pail
  • 55-Gallon Drum (call for pricing)
  • 275-Gallon IBC Tote (call for pricing)
  • 5000-Gallon Tanker (call for pricing)

For a more cost-effective solution, Spartan X-12 is also available as a dry concentrate. Simply mix with warm water and stir until fully dissolved before applying to the desired substrate:

  • 50-pound bag
  • 2250-pound super-sack (call for pricing)

Spartan X-12 has been tested to meet the following safety standards:

  • California Department of Forestry and Fire (CalFire) Registration #C-06900
  • New York City Calendar #539-53-SM
  • TAPPI T-461
  • MVSS-302
  • DOC FF2-70
  • NFPA 701 & 702
  • VA & GSA Approvals
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